Камера для горизонтального электрофореза

Instructables tutorial for making a mini-gel electrophoresis system for DNA analysis. Gel electrophoresis systems are essential tools for any molecular biology research, but are often expensive to buy. The total cost of making this DIY system is around $50-$80, depending on where you source the laser cut acrylic parts.

Almost all of the assembly steps described in this tutorial require solvent welding the custom laser cut acrylic parts together using Weld-On #4, a fast-setting, clear, thin liquid cement. Weld-on is applied to the edge with a syringe applicator and drawn into the contact surfaces by capillary action. It is actually an easy and quick procedure, however, be sure to practice welding two scrap pieces of acrylic together if this a new technique to you.

The total length of time to complete assembly is 2-3 hours. Once complete, you will have the following parts:

- A UV-transmissive gel tray for casting a 7 x 7 cm mini-gel and comb;

- An electrophoresis chamber with lid.








OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

Программу для просмотра 3D модели камеры, можно скачать на данном ресурсе: http://www.openscad.org/

Камера для горизонтального электрофореза  модель в OpenSCAD 





Бесплатная профессиональная САПР для создания, редактирования просмотры файлов DWG.

Формат файла .dwg Файл базы данных чертежей AutoCAD


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Electrophoresis Chamber  

Камера для горизонтального электрофореза